Thursday, July 10, 2003

Words of caution

Apparently the congressional 9-11 report is finally going to be released. There are some breathless news reports saying that the report will be explosive. Many in the blogosphere are repeating this mantra. Perhaps it will be explosive. Perhaps not. I'd advise caution in placing to much hope in what is coming out. It's an old technique to make bad news not seem so bad: first spread rumors that even worse news is coming down the pike. Then, when the bad news does come out, it will look better by comparison and everyone will sigh with relief. Update: Kos issues much the same warning:
If true, compounded with the whole WMD mess, this could paint the administration is a bunch of LIARS and INCOMPETENTS -- both leading to the deaths of thousands. I say "if true" because people are going to play the expectations game. In this case, the administration has an interest in really hyping the report, leaking suggestions that it will be, well, "explosive". That way the actual report can't live up to the expectations and the press will think, "oh, it's really not that bad". We'll see.


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