Friday, April 11, 2003

Unintended consequence?

Yemenis hunt for USS Cole case suspects By AHMED AL-HAJ Associated Press SAN`A, Yemen - Yemeni authorities were hunting for 10 of the main suspects in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole after they escaped from prison Friday, officials said. The fugitives, including chief suspect Jamal al-Badawi, were jailed in the tightly guarded intelligence building in the port city of Aden since shortly after the destroyer was bombed, killing 17 American sailors. Officials close to the investigation said the men fled through a window they smashed inside the building. The officials said on condition of anonymity that prison officers gave the men permission to go to the prison courtyard for their daily morning break before they escaped. It was unclear whether the escapees received any assistance from people inside or outside the prison.
You don't suppose they might have gotten help from sympathetic guards upset over the fall of Bagdhad do you? Just a though.


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