Saturday, February 08, 2003

More On Impeachment

I've just sent out the following message via email to people I know. It is a followup on my previous post.
I have not been one of those who have called for the impeachment of Bush. While I consider him to be the worst President in American history and I consider him to have seized power through an unconstitutional coup, I have not reached the point where I thought there would be good grounds for possible impeachment proceedings. Until now. Consider the following LA Times article that talks about the grilling Colin Powell received from member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Several lawmakers (Democrats of course) asked him why, if we have known about this camp for months, we haven't taken it out. I have asked the same thing on my blog and Joe Conason has done the same in Salon. Colin could answer in public. Most likely because he didn't want to admit that their intelligence on this was weak at best. It would hurt their PR efforts for war for Iraq. And, of course, if he tells them this in a classified briefing, the Senators can't tell everyone else because then they will be accused of leaking classified information. But, consider this: 1) The administration has known about an Al Qaeda camp for months (at least that is what they claim). 2) It knows that it is producing deadly toxins (at least that is what they claim). 3) Yet it has done nothing about it (but won't explain why they haven't done anything about it). 4) But, having now talked about it in public at the UN, the camp, if it ever actually existed, has probably been torn down and its occupants spread to the four winds. In other words, in order to win people over to its side on the Iraq war question, the Bush administration may have deliberately endangered the lives of Americans by allowing this camp to exist for so long. And, they may have further endangered Americans by blowing the cover on this camps existence in order to win public support for a war on Iraq. I would say that a President who, by his actions, knowingly endangers the lives of Americans for political gain, has violated his oath of office and ought to be duly impeached and removed from office. What say you all?


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