Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Josh Marshall has been posting teasers about an article he has unearthed that talks about one of the Democratic candidates playing "rough and tumble" with race politics.
Who is the mystery Democratic presidential candidate? The one tagged in the previous post as having his own history of rough-n-tumble race politics? Well, not to paraphrase a certain former senator from Wisconsin, but I have in my hand a copy of an old magazine article covering an earlier point in the candidate's political career. And here's one choice tidbit. It's a quote from a John Metcalf, one of the candidate's campaign workers at the time ... "[Candidate X] has gotten a lot smarter in the last couple of years," says Metcalf. "He learned to play dirty pool. Hell, there are a lot of ethnics out there who want to keep the n----rs on their side of the river. It's a racial issue. There are a lot of bigots in that district and someone has to represent them, let's face it." Let's be clear: that's not a quote from the candidate, but from one of his campaign workers. But the rest of the article paints a similar, if less inflammatory, picture of the style of politics in question. More soon.
I'm not a big fan of teasers whether it is on the evening news or on the web. If you have something to reveal then reveal it. If not then wait until you do. So, I plugged part of the quote Josh gave into google and found the article he is referring to. It was printed in the Cleveland magazine back in April 1972 and recently reprinted as part of their 30th anniversary retrospective. The mystery candidate is none other than Dennis Kucinich. Here's the link for the article, but it didn't come up for me. However, here is the link for the version of it in the google cache. Sorry to pull a Drudge on you Josh. :-) Update: Looks like Atrios beat me to beating the scoop. Ah well. :-)


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