Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Insight Alert

I just flashed on something while thinking about my previous post. Glenn Reynolds appears to approve of the US manufacturing a lie (a fake bin Laden) tape. As part of that justification he links to an MSNBC column he wrote in which he says that, in wartime, everyone lies. I agreed, but pointed out that we are not yet at war. It was this that gave me my insight: Mr. Reynolds thinks we ARE already at war with Iraq. It is not surprising then that Mr. Reynolds reacts to us on the anti-war side as if we were equivalent to people who would be calling for peace with Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Indeed, this may explain the belligerence of people like Bush and Rumsfeld. They also think we are already at war and that those of us who are trying to stop the bombing before it happens are simply appeasing the already declared enemy. Could this be the fundamental disagreement between the two sides?


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