Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Update on the Bush dye job: look at those photos, and then take a gander at this review of Frank Bruni's book Ambling Through History:
That "laughter is Bush's favorite sound," as Bruni says, is revealing about the man and his character, especially when you consider that much of his wit is at his own expense. So is the fact that he got so homesick during the campaign that the press got tired of hearing him talk about his three cats and his dog Spot. So is the fact that Bush didn't like Gore and, although he never said so publicly, he saw Gore as "equal parts pompous blowhard and preening chameleon, a spineless panderer ready to be anything for anyone." For Bush, this opinion was distilled in a single detail: "The man dyes his hair."
Thanks to Dennis Crews for reminding me of this little anecdote.


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