Wednesday, January 08, 2003

A comment related to the previous item: I am not of the opinion that black Republicans are necessarily self-hating blacks. If we are to have a truly equal society then the percentage of black Republicans should match the overal percentage of blacks in the populace. There is nothing inherent in being black that makes one more inclined to a liberal point of view. But, if one is of a conservative mindset and also black, what is one to do? Joining the Democrats just because they might be friendlier to you is not an option because you don't actually support most Democratic policies. But if you want to be politically relevent you have to be either a Democrat or a Republican. Thus, you have little choice but to join the GOP. I don't fault any black man or woman for being a Republican. But I will fault them if they go out of their way to excuse the blatant pandering to racists that is a key element of the GOP electoral strategy.


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