Thursday, December 12, 2002

Uncle Tom If there was any doubt that Daschle's initial position on Lott was a mistake it was cleared away for me tonight when I saw a GOP mouthpiece on Kudlow & Kramer using Daschle's initial excusing of Lott's behavior as an example of Democrats being LESS in tune with racial issues then Republicans are. Yep. That's right. Because Republicans were some of the first to come out harshly against Lott (which, unfortunately, they were), and because Daschle didn't make a big deal about it, that proves that Republicans actually care more about civil rights then Democrats do. This is a dangerous bit of spin folks not the least bit so because it takes a small true fact, that Republicans, at least in the blogosphere, DID come out quicker on this issue then Democrats, to obscure an even larger true fact, that the GOP is the home of and caters to the feelings of the worst bigots in this country. Thank you Tom.


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