Tuesday, December 24, 2002

There's a big debate going on over in the comment section of Atrio's blog on the topic of over-reaching while pressing the GOP on the issue of its racial policies. I just posted the following comment there:
I've read over the comments in this thread and I really don't see as huge a gulf between Hesiod and Atrios as others seem to see. They both want the advantage to be pressed against the Republicans and to force them to come to a long-overdue purge of the sheethead element in their midst. But Hesiod expresses a concern that is common in these kinds of battles: that some will overreach and try to label all legitimate policy differences as equivalent to racism and, by doing so, push the fence-sitters once again back into the clutches of the cockroaches. Is this not a legitimate concern? I see no reason to start pushing Hesiod into the same camp as the appeasers just because he worries about overreach. It's by their actions that you will know them.


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