Monday, December 23, 2002

Hesiod makes a point that I think needs repeating:
ACCOUNTABILITY: Civil Rights organizations are going to hold the GOP's feet to the fire on racial issues. I understand why they want to push a policy agenda. But, I think the better strategy would be to go after the questionable race-baiting practices of the party, such as voter intimidation, and neo-Confederate apologisism, first. I say that because, on issues such as affirmative action, there are legitimate philosophical and policy arguments against those policies that don't anything to do with appealing to, or winking at, racist elements within the GOP. By pushing action on thos issues, these groups are overplaying their advantage, and will inevitably cause a backlash. Any good-will generated will be quickly dissipated, and will actually play into the hands of the very people Civil Rights activists are trying to expose. If you turn legitimate policy differences into racial issues, you give fodder to the dishonest Andrew Sullivan's of the world.
The Democrats have been given an ideal opportunity for political advantage with the Lott situation. But the issue needs to be the political practices of the party, not their policy differences with Democrats when it comes to racial issues.


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