The Pledge

We hold this truth to be self-evident:

Having George W. Bush as President has been and will continue to be a disaster.

We will not let our partisanship towards any particular candidate for President cause us to lose sight of this basic truth. As such, we pledge ourselves not to become enablers of any campaign designed to divide us in our struggle to remove Bush from power. We pledge that no more will we be:

Tools of those who would disrupt the Anybody-But-Bush movement.

Partisans who would rather bring down the other guy's candidate than find reason to elevate our own.

Dupes who will automatically assume that anything negative about the other guy's candidate is more likely to be true than the negative things said about our guy.

Fools who lose sight of the ultimate goal: the defeat of George W. Bush on November 2nd, 2004.

We will uphold this pledge to the best of our ability.

We will encourage others to do the same.

This we do solemnly swear.

People who have taken The Pledge:

Dave Johnson at Seeing The Forest

Chris at Things I've Seen

Paul Ezell, MD

Patrick at JUSIPER

Rick Klau at Howard Dean in 2004

Renee at the religious left

Patrick Nielsen Hayden at Electolite

Hesiod of Counterspin Central


John Moltz


Miles Gibson

Lis of Riba Rambles

Tresy at corrente


Jung at Heart

Guy Andrew Hall at Rook's Rant

Oliver Willis

This Mess I Have Made

Aurabass at Rush Limbaughtomy

r@d@r at ex-lion tamer

Fester at Fester's Place

Andrew Weede

Kevin Andersen

Mathew Conway

Houndog Heather


Kathryn Cramer


Martial at De Spectaculis

Swopa at Needlenose



ntodd at Dohiyi Mir

David Neiwert at Orcinus

Charles2 at the fulcrum

justcherie at Who cares what I think?

Arthur Cohen at Gristmill

Mitch Gore at Gore4Dean

If you want to be listed here then email me with a link to your statement signing the pledge.

History: This pledge was developed when I, a Dean supporter, became increasingly distressed at the way supporters of Dean and Clark were biting eagerly at provocatively negative stories about each others candidates. I talk more about this here.

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