Friday, November 02, 2007

Prostates and Prejudices - New York Times

Paul Krugman asks why the establishment media doesn't make more noise about the chronic mendacity of Rudolph Giuliani.

I think it's the "Drudge Trolling" problem. There is no one on the left who can aggregate the hits for a story about this like Drudge can for the right. So there is no incentive for establishment journalists to push the story any further. Why bother if it won't get them the kind of hits that a "Edwards haircut" or "Hillary laughs" story will get? Those stories will raise their profile within their news organizations because the bean-counters see the hits they generate and say, "Good job! Here's your check.

Stories about Republican foibles just don't get the kind of hits that a Drudge approved story gets. So Drudge truly rules their world.


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