Saturday, November 24, 2007


SusanG at Daily Kos: "Now today, [Scott Horton at Harper’s] posts a providential think-through of the allegations and evidence. After drawing on some of Murray Waas’ stellar reporting at the National Journal from July 2006 and examining some of the documents provided in the Libby trial, Horton comes up an interesting speculation, particularly regarding the possible motivation for Libby’s pardon--that it was not just a reward for loyalty, but was a possible CYA for Bush"

I'm sorry, but is Susan honestly suggesting that this is a new idea? I know the first thought in my head was that Bush had an ulterior motive for commuting Libby's sentence. Indeed, I posted at the time that such a possibility would justify a full Congressional inquiry into the commutation. President's have full pardon powers, but the use of a pardon to impede a possible criminal investigation against yourself is nothing short of obstructing justice and should be an impeachable offense.

Congrats to Mr. Horton for figuring something out that was intuitively obvious.


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