Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Character Moment

Chris Dodd Blog: "This is not about Mr. Mukasey's career path. Nor is it about spurious worries of prosecuting American CIA operatives in American courts. The debate about waterboarding is about who we are as a country, what values we stand by, and the necessity of the American government to stand by the rule of law. Waterboarding is torture and sadly, it's time for Mr. Mukasey and the Bush administration to talk honestly about the fact that this government has tortured prisoners."

Mukasey is facing a character defining moment. Which does he hold in higher regard: the law or the opinion of his benefactors? If he choose the law he could bring down the wrath of God on the Bushies. If he chooses the Bushies he will make a mockery of the law.

Which will it be Judge Mukasey?


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