Sunday, January 15, 2006

The problem of Fear

I agree 100% with the frustrations of Democrats who are upset with our leadership for putting up such an ineffectual fight against the Alito nomination. But those who advocate shucking the whole party because of failed leadership are advocating the worst possible solution.

You want the party to change? Then make it change! Work to get people elected who will act like leaders.

There is a lot of dead weight in our party. But that dead weight won't miraculously turn into leadership if you threaten it with walking away.


Because the biggest problem with our leadership is that they are afraid. If you try to make them change by threatening them then you are only compounding their fear.

We want leaders who aren't afraid. Leaders who aren't afraid of the Republicans. Leaders who aren't afraid of the media. Leaders who aren't afraid of our country's enemies.

Leaders who aren't afraid of us.


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