Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Howard Dean for DNC Chair!

Ezra Klein makes the best argument yet for Howard Dean as DNC chair. It has persuaded me to throw my support behind it.

I still have my concerns about Dean being "promoted to obscurity". But if that concern can be address then I think this would be the best move for Dean, for the party and for America.


Hmmm... Just after I posted this I read Liberal Oasis' counter-argument that Dean would be better as an outside Strategist and Ass-Kicker At-Large (SAKAL) than as an insider who might have to mute his arguments in order to appease all sides. This gets to my previously stated concern that becoming DNC chair might effectively neuter Dean. But I don't think that such a result would necessarily follow from taking the job. Dean is certainly the type who could be an Ass-Kicker within the party as well as without. And if he could do it inside he'd have even more power behind those kicks.


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