Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Beware Republicans reporting Democratic news

Via Political Wire comes this report from the New York Sun about a brewing internecine fight within the Democrat party over who will lead it. According to the Sun, the fight is primarily about Howard Dean:

With a grassroots effort to make Howard Dean the next head of the Democratic Party, the fight "risks becoming acrimonious, with Democrats already engaged in angry exchanges over who is primarily to blame for last week's defeat in the presidential election and heavy losses in Senate and House races," the New York Sun reports.

"Moderates maintain that the party is increasingly out of touch with the values of mainstream America, and liberals are arguing that the party made a mistake in failing to nominate the former Vermont governor for president."

Hold it right there!

The Republicans would love nothing better than for us to get into a fight with each other over our future direction. They would love it so much it would be in their interest to foment such a fight. The New York Sun is a rag launched in 2002 by Conrad Black, a conservative magnate in the Rupert Murdoch strain. It was probably created because Black and others thought the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal editorial page were insufficiently conservative.

So we should take any report from them about an "acrimonious" debate within the Democratic party within an enormous grain of salt.

My suggestion to everyone is to essentially ignore the comments on this from any Republican leaning source. This is a debate that Democrats should hold on their own terms.

Everyone else should just butt out!


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