Monday, July 28, 2003

From, Reed, Noise, Fury, Nothing

Okay, the DLC's vendetta against Dean has reached the point of farce. From and Reed are doing Karl Rove's work for him. He doesn't need to demoralize the Democrats when the DLC leadership is doing it for them. I'm tired of this shit. I have just one question for Mr. From and Mr. Reed and, until they answer it in the affirmative, I don't want to waste another second on their useless drivel. The question is simply this, "If Howard Dean wins the nomination will you work your butt off to get him elected in 2004?" Well, how about it Al? How about it Bruce? Put up or shut up! Update: Oh, and if anyone is wondering, yes, I will vote for whoever the Democrats nominate. Even Lieberman. I'm not yet sure whether I would "work my butt off" for Joe or not. Since I would consider such a candidacy a hopeless cause I'm not sure I'd want to waste my time on it. But then I'm just an "activist elistist" and not one of a dedicated politico like the DLC leaders.


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