Tuesday, July 29, 2003

And another thing...

The horse brings up a good point about the DLC's attacks on Dean: by making the argument they are making they are essentially conceding the point that Bush is strong on national security.
2004 is likely to come down to another battle for the Moron-American vote, and we should not take for granted this crowd understands From to be speaking of "perceptions." We should take for granted they understand him to mean Bush is "strong" on national security, and we should take for granted that each time such a statement is uttered it reinforces that myth. Comments like From's are so clumsy many cannot help but wonder if he in fact does seek to perpetuate a perception of a "strong" Bush national security policy in hopes that more hawkish DLC candidates might fare better. If there were any truth to that, it would be "Irresponsible in the extreme."
Didn't anyone tell these idiots that you don't beat perceptions by first asserting that those perceptions are true? Do you think the Republican's would ever concede that the Democrats are strong on ANY issue? Of course not! You see, they understand that to win the political battle you have to paint the opposition as being incompetent on all points. You don't win points for admitting to the strengths of the opposition. The DLC leadership appears to be skilled at only one thing: raising money from business interests. When it comes to politics they are worse than incompetent.


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