Tuesday, December 31, 2002

The always excellent Howler on the establishment media's total inability to see the role it played in the destruction of Al Gore. Somerby quotes EJ Dionne on the failures of some in the Catholic Church to confront the problems in their midst (with regard to the problem of pedophile priests):
DIONNE: In principle, the believer should be an active critic of what is, not a passive follower of whatever might be in vogue. It doesn’t always happen this way, because believers can lose their vocation as critics when power and privilege come their way. They discover that they can dethrone all absolutes except the ones that benefit themselves.
As Somerby so ably points out, the establishment media is in the same boat as these believers. They are so much a part of the establishment that they fail to see the failings that are so obvious to everyone else.


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